Swayamvara Parvati Homam

Finding a life partner often becomes a huge and tedious task.

Swayamvara Parvati Homa, which is also known as Swayamvarakala Parvati Homam is performed invoking the divine grace and benevolence of Goddess Parvati, ensuring marital happiness in the life of every woman. Parvati represents the highest creative power existing in the universe that is responsible for nurturing and sustaining life. Swayamvara Parvati Homa Puja is a traditional practice performed to remove all the obstacles in finding the right suitor and getting married.

Swayamvara Parvati

The word Swayamvara in Sanskrit means finding the suitor by self. Parvati had set her mind to wed Lord Shiva and no one else. She performed strong penance to win the heart of Shiva who had gone into deep meditation. Hence, it is a strong belief that, performing Swayamvara Parvati Homam can result in the right partner for life. To nullify the malefic effects which cause delays in marriage this is a very effective puja. For fulfilling marital bliss, harmony and fertility life, this homam can be very effective. The bride is blessed with a suitable spouse.

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Swayamvara Parvati Mantra

Swayamvara Parvati Mantra Japam (Jaap) is chanted prior to Homam as suggested by the astrologer. Goddess Parvati is worshipped in this Homam with Japam, Ahutis and several other offerings. Finding a life partner often becomes a huge and tedious task. Swayamvara Parvati Homa is aimed at those who face various obstacles to find a suitable bride groom, as well as to people whose marriage is postponed or delayed. This will also help to overcome relationship problems after marriage. Swayamvara Parvathi Puja will result in peace and harmony during family life.
Swayamvara Parvati Homam can result in you finding your ideal life partner, eliminating obstacles that delay your marriage and strengthen relationships between you and your spouse. Swayamvara Parvati Homam is performed to invoke the divine grace and blessings of Parvati Devi to ensure conjugal happiness.
Swayamvara Parvati Homam also has the power to master the negative effects of Graha Doshas (unfavorable planetary combinations in the Birth-chart).

What is Swayamvara Parvati Mantra?

This is believed to be the Mantra chanted by Parvati to seek marriage with Lord Shiva. Chanting this Mantra everyday with proper directions from a master or Pandit, is said to be highly meritorious and beneficial. Those seeking to find a suitable spouse who can be understanding, affectionate and caring should chant this Mantra. This is also known as Swayamvara Parvathi Moola Mantra.

What benefits I get performing Swayamvara Parvati Homam?

  • Finding a suitable soulmate and a spouse
  • Clears any misunderstandings leading to happily married life
  • You are blessed with a bountiful and meaningful life
  • Share a meaningful rapport with your spouse